Meet…Lucas Grogan


Our favourite contemporary artist has turned his attention to the outdoors with a beautiful artwork called Dome for Basil Bangs.

Referencing cathedrals, mosaics, mandalas, Greek holidays and and the colours of the ocean, this epic blue and white artwork is featured across our SUN and RAIN collections.

Here’s a bit of background from the man himself, Lucas Grogan…

Hi Lucas, welcome to the Basil artist family! What got you excited about partnering with us on an artist print?

I love collaborating with people thought it would be amazing to see one of my works turned into such a large format multiple like the beach umbrella and rug. The collaborations I’ve been asked to do result in quite physically small products. Plus Basil Bangs has worked with some seriously AMAZING artists/designers previously – I’m in good company!

Was there anything you were trying to achieve with this particular artwork?

I wanted to create an inverted dome-like work similar to what you may find inside a cathedral. I thought that would be a pretty amazing thing to see on the beach. 

How did you develop your concepts for BB? Where they ideas you had floating around in some form already, waiting or did you develop them from scratch?

The Dome is a continuation of a lot of my body of work, sort of pseudo-religious and shrine-like. 

Do you have any favourite memories from the beach/ growing up that you referenced?

ahhhh… I never really was a beach person sorry. But my family was very churchy. I’ve kept the dressings of a religious upbringing, but divorced all the supernatural stuff. 

Why do you think people will dig ‘Dome’ over their heads?

Have you seen it? It’s beautiful!

Gray Malin x Basil Bangs


We’ve long been fans of aerial photographer Gray Malin and his amazing work. So of course it was a beautiful thing when we realised the feeling was mutual! Fast forward a few months and here we are, with our recently launched summer collection featuring his ‘Waves of Cape Town’ image on our aptly named ‘Waves’ beach umbrella.

We asked the intrepid adventurer a few questions about himself and his work…


I know you started out interning for David LaChapelle, could you share one of your stand-out memories of that time? It was a brief internship but memorable as I was greatly influenced by his whimsical sets and over-the-top staged shoots.

How did you first get involved with aerial photography – what triggered it off? I was staying at a hotel in Miami and while looking down at the pool from high above, I was inspired to photograph it because the shapes and colors that formed so far below began to take the form of art to me. After that, I was curious to see how it would be from a helicopter, so I booked my first fly and the rest as they say is history.

Gray Malin for Basil Bangs

What location do you love the most/have the fondest memories of? I have many fond memories of photographing the beaches as well as my Dream Series in Australia. I also studied abroad there, so I have a love for the entire country, from its people to the beaches and its landscapes.

What made you excited about the prospect of partnering with BB on an artist print? I am excited to bring my imagery onto an outstanding product that you can take to the beach and create memories around.

Was there anything you were trying to achieve with this particular photograph? Waves was shot above the beaches of Cape Town. The vibe at this beach is fun and lively, and I hope that these emotions translate to the umbrella. It’s meant for days of fun at the beach!

Do you have any favourite memories from the beach/ growing up? Every summer my family goes to Lake Michigan. Some of my earliest travel memories are spending summers in Michigan where I would sail on a Sunfish sailboat, which years later was a key part of my inspiration for my series, Sail Away.

Why do you think people will dig ‘Waves’ over their heads? The colours of this print are really captivating. Whether you’re someone who goes to the beach daily or simply want to bring a little bit of the beach to your backyard, I think nothing brings it more full circle than having a beautiful wave shielding you from the rays.

BasilBangs_BUP-15-0122_Waves GM_Canopy1_LR

What’s been the most hilarious thing to happen on a shoot? During my Gray Malin at the Parker shoot one of the flamingos flew away! Luckily, we had professional animal trainers on hand, but it definitely was a memorable moment watching the trainer run after the flyaway bird!


‘La Fontelina Beach Club’ by Gray Malin

What are your top 3 favourite beach destinations? 1) Capri, Italy 2) Bondi Beach, Australia and 3) Cape Town, South Africa


Kelsey Brookes x Basil Bangs

ArtistKelseyBrookes KelseyBrookes_Awareness

We’re excited to be continuing our artist collaborations for summer 2014, working with amazing San Diego based artist Kelsey Brookes to design a range of products based on artwork from his recent exhibition, Better Living Through Chemistry.

Shown at Judith Charles Gallery in New York, the works explore the molecular structure of common pharmaceuticals through intricately mapping their structure on canvas. These painstakingly layered and coloured, large scale works reference common medications and their effects on the brain.

“This body of work provides an illustrated overview of the molecular structures for six classes of psychiatric medication” explains Brookes, “My recent work is a combination of my scientific background and current artistic interest—taking my understanding of molecular biology and marrying it with painting.”

Featured in the Basil Bangs summer 2014 range is Awareness, shown as outdoor cushion, beach umbrella and picnic rug (aka The Love Rug).

Asked why Awareness would make a great umbrella (or cushion or rug!), Brookes says: “‘Awareness’ is part of my painting method, and if the viewer can feel that from looking at this umbrella I have done my job well; Awareness is good to spread!” We couldn’t agree more.

In this awesome interview with Kelsey, he explains his process and the artworks in Better Living Through Chemistry.


Follow Kelsey on Instagram @kelseybrookes.