Roomy 1.8m diameter

The generous diameter of our rugs make them perfect for family beach time, relaxing park picnics and romantic dates… without feeling cramped.

Basil Bangs Love Rugs - Picnic Rugs



Basil Bangs Water Proof Fabric

Take a spill?

Never fear, waterproof fabric is here!

Featuring our iconic prints on water repellant outdoor polyester canvas, you can easily wipe off spills and keep your rug clean with minimal fuss.

Internal padding and waterproof backing

Use anywhere!

Internal padding and waterproof backing

Fully lined and padded for comfort, you can relax without worrying about damp grass or cold sand.



Grab & Go

The compact fold allows for easy packing and storage, fitting comfortably in a stroller, beach bag, or over your shoulder…and ready to grab & go at a moment’s notice!

Basil Bangs Love Rugs with adjustable strap


Adjustable shoulder strap

Featuring an easy peasy adjustable strap, you can throw your folded rug over the shoulder, sling it across your back, or simply carry it off to the sunset.



Hidden pocket

No bag? No worries! Stash your essentials in this secret pocket the perfect size for fitting your keys, wallet and phone.



Love Rugs