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A great canvas for great art

The Basil Bangs range of limited-edition sun umbrellas is the ideal canvas for amazing art. Showcasing signature prints and artist collaborations, you’ll not go unnoticed with one of our lust-worthy designs.Basil Bangs 2016 Sun Umbrellas

Top-notch fabrics

Not only designed to look good, all umbrellas are produced with the highest quality outdoor canvas. Made for durability, they are high tensile fabrics tested to withstand rips and tears, and are treated for all weather conditions. Featuring a UPF50+ rating, they are great for seeking shade and protecting your skin!
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The Basil Bangs Umbrella Hinge

The Basil Hinge

We aim for our products to work seamlessly and with style, using premium fabrications and fixtures. And where they don’t exist already, we’re not afraid to design our own – like the Basil Hinge.

Featured across all Basil Bangs sun umbrellas, this custom designed, die-cast hinge allows the umbrella to be easily fixed at any angle.

The Basil Hinge is a unique and convenient patent pending design by Basil Bangs.

Throw me over your shoulder and off we go!

Using your umbrella should be as easy as slinging it over your shoulder and heading off to the beach, so all Basil Bangs sun umbrellas include a matching carry case to safely store and carry your umbrella.

For use, simply fold your umbrella in half and slide it into the carry case, making sure it’s completely dry before storage.

Basil Bangs umbrellas are easy to fold away

Custom fixtures & fittings

Basil Bangs Custom Fixtures & Finishes

The ergonomically designed Runner slides easily up the pole, and draws the eye to our custom-colour ribs.

Basil Bangs Umbrella Screw Cap

The screw spike at the bottom of the pole makes it easy to dig into sand and grass.

Basil Umbrella Features

The Basil Bangs branded top cap and press-stud gives that extra Basil touch.

*note some umbrellas do not feature all of these items.

Shade, luxurious shade

There’s no need to elbow your mate out of the way in the quest for more shade – the extra large 1.8m wide canopy will comfortably shade two adults and a little one.





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