Meet...Louise Jones

Get to know our newest collaborator!

Why do you think people will love ‘Botanica’?

The lush green and teal foliage of the Botanica pattern draws you into a sense of exploring a wild tropical jungle.

Describe ‘Botanica’ in 3 words:

Lush, dense, tropical

How did you get started illustrating?

I started my career as a junior graphic designer at a small studio, where I was given the opportunity to create illustrative wall graphics for hospitality and retail clients. This sparked my love for illustration and patterns, and ultimately helped me pursue starting my own business where I could create patterns for a living.

Where do you look for inspiration?

My work mostly features floral and fauna subjects, as I believe nothing rivals mother nature’s beauty. I’m mostly drawn to unique forms, shapes, colours and textures found in plants, flowers and birds. I am also very inspired by other pattern creators such as House of Hackney, Josef Frank and Marimekko.

What’s your process to developing a new print?

Ideally I like to have a fresh cutting of a plant/flower to illustrate, or I refer to my own photo library. I start by doing some rough sketches to determine different layout compositions, where I can determine the motif shapes, colour and texture. Once I’m happy with the direction of the composition, I start illustrating using either watercolour or a photographic approach. Once the pattern motifs have been painted, I scan them into Photoshop so I can start experimenting with the pattern layout until all the motifs sit harmoniously together to create a repeating pattern.

Favourite mediums to work in…

Watercolour and digital photography

Where will we see your Botanica beach umbrella set up this summer?

Pitched in the idyllic beach shore of Sandy Point, our usual summer getaway location.

If you were a WWF wrestler, what would your name be?

The Pattern Warrior

You’ve done wallpaper, outdoor products, yardages to name a few. What’s next for Louise Jones?

More classic midcentury furniture pieces to be upholstered in my soon-to-be launched fabric range, as well as developing a small collection cushions and other home wares.

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