Leah Bartholomew x Basil Bangs
Our latest print baby, Wildflowers, was developed in collaboration with Gold Coast/Byron Bay based artist, Leah Bartholomew.This graphic designer-turned-contemporary artist brings pure joyful sunshine to her artworks, and with her feet never too far from some sand she was our...
Amelia Graham x Basil Bangs
London based Textile Designer Amelia Graham works cross-discipline in the fields of fashion, art, and interiors.Establishing her eponymous line in 2014, Amelia's geometric works are known for their geometric patterns and bold colours, her prints taking their cues from modernist...
Sarah Ellison x Basil Bangs
Sarah Ellison is a leading Australian interior and fashion stylist based in Bondi Beach, Sydney.With a background in fashion design, she has worked as a professional stylist for over 10 years - you may know her work from the stash...
Cynthia Rowley x Basil Bangs
Cynthia Rowley is a New York City based designer, CFDA Award recipient, best-selling author and has appeared on numerous TV shows such as Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, Letterman, The Today Show, and Celebrity Jeopardy.Brimming with energy, Cynthia imbues...
Louise Jones x Basil Bangs
Louise Jones is a Melbourne-based designer specialising in pattern and illustration.Using a combination of different mediums in her practice, Louise’s work includes watercolour painting, illustration and her own photography. A self described “Pattern Warrior”, her original pattern and artwork is...
Lucas Grogan x Basil Bangs
Artist Lucas Grogan partners with Basil Bangs to create 'Dome', a blue and white artwork featured on a beach umbrella, outdoor cushion & picnic rug.
We Are Handsome x Basil Bangs
We Are Handsome is the creative expression of husband and wife pair Jeremy and Katinka Somers. With creative backgrounds and a shared desire to constantly create, the couple focus on re-imagining the norms of swimwear design to construct pieces that...
Kip & Co x Basil Bangs
The print maestros at Kip & Co have worked with Basil Bangs on a bananarama collection featuring 'Bananas' on a beach umbrella, cushion & picnic rug.
Jonathan Zawada x Basil Bangs
Jonathan Zawada is an Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Art Director, Dad and all-round creative guy. He worked with Basil Bangs on two special artist prints.
Kelsey Brookes x Basil Bangs
San Diego based artist Kelsey Brookes partnered with Basil Bangs to create an epic artwork to share and grow 'Awareness' across the Basil Bangs range.
Gray Malin x Basil Bangs
Globetrotting photographer Gray Malin has partnered with Basil Bangs to create a unique, vintage inspired and limited edition beach umbrella.