Meet...Lucas Grogan

The ever amazing Lucas Grogan has turned his attention to the outdoors with a beautiful artwork for Basil Bangs, ‘Dome’.

Referencing cathedrals, mosaics, mandalas, Greek holidays and and the colours of the ocean, this epic blue and white artwork is featured across our SUN and RAIN collections.

Here’s a bit of background from the artist himself, Lucas Grogan…

Hi Lucas, welcome to the Basil artist family! What got you excited about partnering with us on an artist print?

I love collaborating with people thought it would be amazing to see one of my works turned into such a large format multiple like the beach umbrella and rug. The collaborations I’ve been asked to do result in quite physically small products. Plus Basil Bangs has worked with some seriously AMAZING artists/designers previously – I’m in good company!

Was there anything you were trying to achieve with this particular artwork?

I wanted to create an inverted dome-like work similar to what you may find inside a cathedral. I thought that would be a pretty amazing thing to see on the beach.

How did you develop your concepts for BB? Where they ideas you had floating around in some form already, waiting or did you develop them from scratch?

Dome is a continuation of a lot of my body of work, sort of pseudo-religious and shrine-like.

Do you have any favourite memories from the beach/ growing up that you referenced?

ahhhh… I never really was a beach person sorry. But my family was very churchy. I’ve kept the dressings of a religious upbringing, but divorced all the supernatural stuff.

Why do you think people will dig Dome over their heads?

Have you seen it? It’s beautiful!

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