Our new Timber-look Aluminium

Timber-look Aluminium Garden Pool and Patio Umbrella

Introducing, Sundial+ 

We have created a new look for timber lovers who also need low-maintenance and durability, bringing together the beauty of timber with the strength of aluminium.  
Expertly designed with longevity in mind, Sundial+ features marine-grade components and a 10 year guarantee on both the frame finish and umbrella canopy, and is available in a range of sizes. Marine-grade components partner with European milled awning grade fabric to provide style and substance and meet your outdoor needs. 
Lightweight: Our woodline finish has a density one third of steel and a weight of 50% less than wood, meaning it's portable and easy to install.
Low maintenance: This specialised powder coat finish has outstanding properties to ensure ease of maintenance and longevity of your surfaces.
Scratch resistant: A topcoat of specially developed, exterior grade finish provides resistance to chipping, flaking, blistering or scratching.
Weather resistant: Our woodline finish won't swell, grow mould or rust when exposed to wet conditions. Unlike wood, it is protected from corrosion and stands up to harsh environments. 
Weather resistant     Scratch resistant    Lightweight    Low maintenance 
Why you’ll love it:
Residential use 
Commercial use 
10 year warranty 
Low maintenance 
Custom canopy options available