Basil Bangs is Pretty Shady

No, we’re not hungover, but we are certainly shady. We make umbrellas after all! We make them for a couple of reasons, one of which is because we want to stay outside for longer without frying to a crisp, and another is because we want to do it in style. As it turns out, the crew at Pretty Shady share that same goal. It goes without saying that we were pretty thrilled when they asked us to develop a custom beach umbrella for them, which would sit alongside some other awesome sun-smart products (custom t-shirt by Lister anyone?!).

Happily, it’s no longer under wraps and we can show you all what we’ve come up with. One of our favourite fashion bloggers, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl loves it, and we hope you do too!

Basil Bangs Pretty Shady beach umbrella

Want to know the best bit? They’re giving these products away. Call them crazy, but it’s happening, and it’s happening here.