Recent Work: Mr Percivals
The centrepiece of Howard Smith Wharves, Mr Percival's is Brisbane's newest overwater bar and features Basil Bangs custom pink and white umbrellas.
Meet Soleil, our Commercial Beach Umbrella
Introducing Soleil, our commercial beach umbrella.
Watsons Bay Hotel
We’re out to lunch at Watsons Bay Hotel and quite simply, it's spectacular. This harbour side venue is a favourite of ours for many, many reasons. Here are a few...
The Newport
We love working on special projects, so it was a real treat to work on the recent refurbishment of our newest 'local', The Newport.
A Little Ray of Sunshine
It’s a grey and drizzly day here in Sydney, so I can’t help but want to spread some sunshine about. As soon as these images came through I knew exactly what to do with them: share that yellow happiness right...
Coffee Cart crush
We were chuffed to see our Partly Cloudy umbrella partnering this amazing coffee cart designed and made by Illogical Study especially for Patricia Coffee Brewers. Designed to be functional and eliminate the risk of customer’s hurting themselves trying to access...
Basil Bangs is Pretty Shady
No, we’re not hungover, but we are certainly shady. We make umbrellas after all! We make them for a couple of reasons, one of which is because we want to stay outside for longer without frying to a crisp, and...