Kane Lehanneur x Basil Bangs

Basil Bangs presents


Kane Lehanneur in Studio


We are delighted to have partnered with Kane Lehanneur on our new, strictly limited artist print collection.

We first came across Kane’s work in our local surf supply store (and awesome retail partner), Keel. Unbeknown to us, we also had an image of Kane’s work pinned to our seasonal mood board. By happy accident, we discovered Kane had a temporary space in Manly, and so off we trotted to say hello and get to know his practice in more detail. 

A true multi-disciplinary creative, Kane has transitioned into fine art from a career in photography and graphic design, bringing together his natural eye for composition, colour, and spatial tension.

Still practicing in the graphic space, his work touches on a sense of nostalgia and fun but also manages to feel new and…fresh. It’s worth pointing out that ‘freshness’ is tremendously difficult in an Instagram world of constant output and ever diminishing attention spans. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue for Kane. Talking with him, you get the sense that Kane (and his work) is in a state of constant evolution. His is a case of too many ideas, too little time.

We fell in love with Kane’s exploration of colour and emotion, his fearless and playful approach to materials and experimentation (hello, Penetrol). He is constantly evolving his concepts and techniques, such that no painting is ever the same. 

Much like modernist architects who conceptualise a complete project, from rooflines down to doorknobs, so is Kane’s ability to think big and distil it down into pure forms and colours to achieve colour and flow, rhythm and poetry. 

On the surface, Kane’s Flower series are ‘pretty’, but look beyond their (very beautiful) surface and you’ll be drawn into their life force to contemplate life’s impermanent fleeting beauty and its enduring cycle of renewal and rebirth. 

We have interpreted this artwork across our expanded outdoor range, including Premium Beach Umbrellas, Love Rug, Bean Bag, cushions and more.

Explore the Kane Lehanneur x Basil Bangs range here.