Kelsey Brookes x Basil Bangs

ArtistKelseyBrookes KelseyBrookes_Awareness

We’re excited to be continuing our artist collaborations for summer 2014, working with amazing San Diego based artist Kelsey Brookes to design a range of products based on artwork from his recent exhibition, Better Living Through Chemistry.

Shown at Judith Charles Gallery in New York, the works explore the molecular structure of common pharmaceuticals through intricately mapping their structure on canvas. These painstakingly layered and coloured, large scale works reference common medications and their effects on the brain.

“This body of work provides an illustrated overview of the molecular structures for six classes of psychiatric medication” explains Brookes, “My recent work is a combination of my scientific background and current artistic interest—taking my understanding of molecular biology and marrying it with painting.”

Featured in the Basil Bangs summer 2014 range is Awareness, shown as outdoor cushion, beach umbrella and picnic rug (aka The Love Rug).

Asked why Awareness would make a great umbrella (or cushion or rug!), Brookes says: “‘Awareness’ is part of my painting method, and if the viewer can feel that from looking at this umbrella I have done my job well; Awareness is good to spread!” We couldn’t agree more.

In this awesome interview with Kelsey, he explains his process and the artworks in Better Living Through Chemistry.

Follow Kelsey on Instagram @kelseybrookes.