Materials Matter

Buy Once, Buy Better.

You’ve heard it before, right? Well, it’s a maxim we believe in. We believe that the best environmental policy we can have is to make well designed, high quality products that you love, and love you back. So we choose to sweat the small stuff and overthink the details, because materials matter and what we make should count.

Here are some of the things that set our beach umbrellas apart…

Printing and Inks

We use the highest grade UV and weather resistant inks available, and tailor our processes to maximise durability and minimise wear and tear.

Products that are used temporarily or more occasionally are printed differently to those that are outdoors all day everyday, so it’s horses for courses in terms of product selection.

Our rule of thumb is if your umbrella is for weekend beach escapades then the printed range should do the trick nicely. For more intense, 24/7 use we’d steer you into our woven acrylic range of fabrics (the stripes). These guys are the pimp daddy-o of outdoor fabrics, similar to what’s used in marine upholstery, and can withstand some pretty gnarly sun exposure. For commercial clients we also offer a range of UV stable printed fabrics that provide comparable colourfastness to the acrylic range. We offer these on a custom basis, so get in touch if that’s of interest for your upcoming project.

Outdoor canvas

Our canopies are made out of high grade, high tensile, thick outdoor canvas. All styles have durable water repellant and water proof coatings applied that not only help protect it from weather and exposure, but also contribute to blocking harmful UV rays and keep it looking good for longer.

The pole

Our poles are either made of extruded aluminium or solid timber. Extruded aluminium produces a tube with a seamless and continuous cross-section, ensuring a rust-proof, very strong and very light pole. We use a beautiful hardwood timber, that’s strong and sturdy. We embrace the knots and natural features in the timber that others may deem a ‘second’, because we think it’s those qualities that make it special. We also use a traditional wood working lamination process with our timber poles. Being outdoors and susceptible to moisture, timber can expand and contract, and this construction helps maintain the straightness of the timber. It’s also more environmentally friendly… and THAT ladies and gents is what we like to call a win-win.

The Basil Hinge

The patented, marine grade hinge has been designed so you can use your umbrella with no muss, no fuss. No more losing your lower pole on pack up, or trying to put together two parts of your umbrella while also wrangling children…It also allows you to adjust the angle of your canopy with ease, ensuring big shade all day.


Our intention is for our products to go the distance, and as a company we support every effort to keep them looking good and working well for as long as possible. Stainless steel, corrosion resistant frames and trims and quality construction means that we see few issues. That said, we offer a 12month warranty on our umbrellas for replacement parts and repairs, and if it’s out of warranty we’re still happy to work with you on keeping your umbrella in shape.

Our Makers

We strive to work with the best people from around the world who can provide the quality craftsmanship and engineering we require for our products, balanced of course with the value we can provide our customers. Our products are designed by us, Krista and Mike, in Australia and we work with suppliers both locally and abroad to bring it all together. We ensure our suppliers meet environmental standards and treats their staff well. We are proud to work with a team who makes our products with intent and care, for you to enjoy!