Basil Bangs was created in contrast to throwaway culture, with an approach that emphasises the beauty of nature, so we can spend more time in nature.

So what are our values? What are we doing to be more sustainable? 

Well, we see sustainability as an ever-evolving pursuit, a journey that means we are continuously looking at how we can improve our processes and business practices that are better for the world.

We are by no means perfect, nor are we 'there' yet, but we are working on ways to reduce our impact. We are committed to sourcing, producing, consuming, and disposing of our resources ethically and responsibly. With these things in mind, here is what we are focusing on:


To minimise excess inventory and achieve low-waste production, we manufacture only what we need. Our design process is streamlined to reduce sampling, keeping processes in-house as much as possible.


Combining innovative design and traditional manufacturing techniques with premium materials ensures our collections are made to last and stay in your family for generations.

We honour quality craftsmanship to ensure each piece stands the test of time, with most enquiries resolved with a straight forward repair.


To maximise the longevity of our outdoor products, we utilise a combination of man-made and natural materials, either sourcing or creating in-house to ensure integrity and durability.


Our acrylic fabrics are all Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, an international standard that verifies materials are free of harmful substances at all stages of production, for both humans and the environment. 


Minimising packaging used in our supply chains overall and developing processes to implement recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging.


Nurturing long-term relationships with quality makers that specialise in niche craftsmanship. Each factory is independently audited to meet international environmental and ethical manufacturing standards, and is committed to making honest products with premium materials.


We truly believe that we need to focus on being good citizens, not consumers. We are proudly to partner with 1% For the Planet, and we support our local community through SurFebruary, an annual fundraising event in support of cancer research and treatment.