Recent Projects

Bannisters, Mollymook
Year: 2018 Client: Bannisters, Mollymook Interiors: Alwill Interiors Landscape Design: Robert Plumb Product: Commercial 2.8m Go Large in Marigold Images courtesy Bannisters
The Ville
Year: 2018 Client: The Ville Resort Product: Commercial 2.1m Sun Umbrella in custom fabric. Images courtesy The Ville Resort
Veriu Hotel
Year: 2017 Client: Veriu Hotel, Camperdown Photographer: Lauren Bamford Product: Go Large 1.9m in Chaplin Stripe
The Newport
Year: 2016 Client: Merivale Product: Commercial 2.1m Sun Umbrella in custom fabric. Images courtesy Merivale.
The Shorehouse
Year: 2015 Client: The Shorehouse Designer: Lynette Kohler Interiors Product: Beach & Go Large umbrellas ‘Miss Marigold' Images courtesy The Shorehouse.
Barwon Heads House
Year: 2012 Product: Go Large 2.8m 'Chaplin Stripe' Image courtesy Inside Out Magazine.
The Sundeck
Year: 2014 Client: Robina Town Centre Designer: Alexa Nice Interior Design Product: Beach umbrella ‘Miss Marigold Images courtesy Alexa Nice Interior Design. Photography by John Baginski.
Coffee Cart
Year: 2014 Designer: Illogical Study for Patricia Coffee Brewers Product: Beach umbrella ‘Partly Cloudy’ Photography courtesy Illogical Study
Watsons Bay Hotel
Year: 2012 Client: Watsons Bay Boutique HotelDesigner: Alexander & Co Product: Go Large 'Serge'Photography by Lynden Foss
Cottesloe Beach Hotel
Year: 2012 Architect: McDonald Jones Interior: Hecker Guthrie Product: Sun umbrella ‘Chaplin Stripe’, 2m Square Go Large ‘Chaplin Stripe’ Photography courtesy Cottesloe Beach Hotel