Beach Umbrellas

Beach Umbrellas


      Best on the Beach

      For over 12 years, we’ve been designing beautiful beach umbrellas from the ground-up that go the distance. Combining style and sun protection, you can expect high-quality materials and thoughtful design details as standard features across our entire range of beach umbrellas. Whatever style you choose, we’ve got you covered.

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      The original and the best.

      Showcasing the high-quality fabric and marine grade hardware we're known
      for, all our beach umbrellas feature UPF50+ protection, responsibly sourced timber poles
      and are made from water-resistant and weather-proof outdoor canvas.
      We love their generous 180cm canopy diameter and handy carry bag.

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      Easy, Portable and cute.

      The perfect companion for sunny days at the beach, at home, in the garden and patio, our beach umbrellas are compact for easy storage and stashing in the car. Each umbrella comes ready for adventure in a handy matching carry bag. If all-day shade is your bag, our premium beach umbrellas feature the patented Basil Hinge, ready for each set-up to any angle.

      We’ve got you covered

      With considered details and the highest quality fixtures and finishes, our beach and patio umbrellas deliver in both style and substance. From beach umbrellas with classic stripes to vintage-inspired designs with luscious fringing - you’re sure to find the perfect beach umbrella for your weekends away, summer beach holidays or lazing around the pool or backyard.

      Our pared-back Weekend Umbrellas are made for beach adventures,while the luxe Premium Beach umbrellas are made for long summer sessions, and when only the best will do, head to our Luxury Beach Umbrellas with their best-of-the-best fabrication.

      Beautiful umbrellas, not just for the beach

      Setting up one of our beach umbrellas at home? Just like our garden patio umbrellas, our Weekend, Premium and Luxury Beach Umbrellas feature a corrosive-resistant steel frame and marine-grade components and work back with a range of umbrella bases for cute and compact garden shade. If you’re searching for a patio umbrella for more regular daily use, head to our extensive Garden and Patio Umbrella collection with a range of sizes and designs.


      How do I know which beach umbrella to choose?

      The Weekend Beach Umbrella — Designed for people who like to travel light, our Weekend Umbrella is a more slimline, pared-back design that will travel well. It features a two-piece, push-button connection, and a responsibly sourced two-piece oak pole. Its cute, happy design is made for sun-drenched days on the road.

      The Premium Beach Umbrella — Featuring our signature vented canopy and the highest quality marine-grade materials, the Premium Beach Umbrella is a 1.8m diameter,
      family-size canopy that provides maximum shade in style.
      It also features our patented Basil Hinge for an easy setup.

      The Luxury Beach Umbrella — A luxurious vented canopy, responsibly sourced hardwood pole and the highest-grade solution-dyed acrylic outdoor canvas (with the ultimate fade resistance) separates our Luxury Umbrella from the rest. We love the family-friendly 1.8m wide canopy, and that it folds down into a matching carry case for easy travel.

      What are your beach umbrellas made from?

      All of our beach umbrellas feature a responsibly sourced, premium hardwood pole, marine-grade materials, anti-corrosion steel frames and high-grade canopies. We use a range of canvas and high-performance fabrics, which are water-repellent,
      weatherproof, mould-resistant and highly durable.

      Do beach umbrellas protect you from sunburn?

      Our beach umbrella canopies are designed not just to look good but to meet strict criteria for sun protection. All our beach umbrellas and beach tents are UPF50+ and offer 98% UV protection. We do also recommend following the Cancer Council’s recommendations
      for comprehensive sun safety.

      How much does a beach umbrella weigh?

      The weight will vary depending on the style of Basil Bangs beach umbrella you choose. Our premium range is the sturdiest, weighing 6kg when unboxed. The Luxury Beach Umbrellas are 5kg. The Weekend Beach Umbrellas are the lightest in our range, designed to be easily portable and more slimline in design. They weigh 3kg.

      How do I make sure my beach umbrella stays in the sand?

      We recommend taking some time to set your umbrella up properly.
      Check out our instructions for use.

      Can I use my beach umbrella at home, or on concrete?

      Absolutely! Our beach umbrellas can be secured on solid surfaces or at home for a little backyard or patio shade. For freestanding umbrellas, we recommend using the 14kg or 25kg Basil Base (go heavier if more exposed).

      How should I store my beach umbrella?

      If you’ve used your umbrella, give it a good shake and make sure it’s completely dry before popping it into its carry bag. While our canopies are both water-resistant and waterproof, we recommend allowing your umbrella to dry out before storing it to avoid any mould.
      Storing it in between uses will extend its life and minimise wear and tear,
      giving you the best quality shade for longer.