Instructions: Usage and Maintenance Guidelines by Basil Bangs

Setting up & using your beach umbrella

  1. Make sure the lower pole is secured at least 35cm deep in the sand.
  2. To angle the canopy, hold on to the upper pole before unlocking the hinge. To unlock the hinge, turn the dial anti-clockwise as far as possible. The correct position is shown below.umbrella setup instructions
  3. Let the upper pole rotate to the desired position. It is recommended to not exceed an angle of 45 degrees. Always try to tilt the umbrella into the wind as this will minimise the chance of it lifting out of the sand.
  4. To lock the hinge, rotate the dial clockwise until the vertical grip is parallel to the lower pole. The correct position is shown below.
  5. The Basil Hinge should feel easy to lock and unlock. If jammed, do not force the hinge to close as it may cause damage.
  6. Taking an umbrella to the beach is your responsibility. In windy or gusty conditions we recommend lowering the umbrella to prevent any risk of it flying away.
  7. Watch our helpful video for set up tips & tricks at the beach. You can watch it here.

Setting up and using your Garden & Patio umbrellas

  1. Sundial Timber Umbrella: Lie the canopy half down horizontally on a stable surface. Take lower pole and gently screw into the upper half of the umbrella, ensuring that the threads line up. In case of any resistance, stop, and add some lubricant to the pole. Once assembled, place umbrella into the base. DO NOT try to screw the umbrella halves together in a vertical position.
  2. The Jardin & Go Large umbrellas: Lie the canopy half down horizontally on a stable surface. Take lower pole and gently connect using the push button mechanism. Once assembled, place umbrella into the base. 
  3. Do not leave umbrella open when unattended.
  4. Umbrella should be closed in windy and/or adverse weather conditions.
  5. Always secure your umbrella to an appropriate base.
  6. If using a mobile base, ensure enough weight is applied to the base e.g. sand bags or weight bags, taking into account the weather conditions.
  7. Any modifications to your umbrella may invalidate the warranty.
  8. Make sure umbrella is dry and clean prior to storing away for extended periods of time to prevent mould from developing. We highly recommend using a protective cover.
  9. Be careful when closing the umbrella to ensure that the canopy does not get caught or“pinched”by the umbrella arms.This is particularly important before storing the umbrella away for extended periods of time or if the umbrella is to be laid horizontally for storage. Damage to the fabric caused by “pinching” is not covered by warranty.
  10. Inspect the installation fitting/base on a regular basis and tighten as necessary.
  11. Keep your fabric canopy looking its best through regular cleaning.  

Setting up your Beach Tent

Check out our nifty video on our Youtube channel showing you how to set up your Beach Tent. Check it out here.

Setting up your Deck Chair

Please view our Monte and Beppi set up videos.

Caring for outdoor fabric

Proper care and cleaning should be taken to ensure the life of outdoor fabrics.

For regular care and maintenance, excessive dirt should be brushed from the fabric using a soft brush; the fabric should then be sprayed with warm water (not exceeding 100◦F / 40◦C) and air-dried.

Periodically the fabric should undergo a more thorough cleaning. Again brush fabric with a soft bristled brush, spray with warm water then apply a gentle natural soap, rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Any early signs of mould and mildew must be removed immediately. Review our detailed cleaning instructions

Patio umbrella maintenance

Hose frame with water periodically, more frequently if you live in a salty or industrial environment.

Make sure umbrella is dry and clean prior to storing away for extended periods of time to prevent mould from developing.

We highly recommend using a protective cover when not in use to preserve the condition of the canopy fabric, and protect the timber in the Sundial and Jardin umbrellas.

Review our detailed cleaning instructions for how to maintain your umbrella canopy.

Maintaining your deck chair

Our timber deck chairs are the ideal outdoor companion, though like any timber product, they do require some care and on-going maintenance.

Please be aware that persistent exposure to humidity, extreme UV and saltwater environments will eventually cause damage and premature weathering of your chair. To keep it looking good, we recommend storing it in a dry, low-humidity environment when not in use.

  • Frame: remove any sand or dirt then clean with mild soap and a soft brush and then air dry in the sun.
  • Fabric sling: remove and wash using a mild detergent and cold water, line dry.

Ongoing maintenance: The Monte and Beppi deck chairs have been oiled which gives the timber a warm, natural feel and is perfect for most uses in the garden, around the house and poolside. We recommend re-coating your chair every 3-6months periodically with Linseed or Hardwax Oil (e.g. Whittle Wax Evolution Matte). Simply clean the wood surface, dry, then give the surface a light sanding if needed and wipe on a thin coat of oil to finish.


While our products are designed for outdoor use, we recommend that they are stored, dry and safely, when not in use to minimise wear and tear and extend their life.

Store your sun umbrella in its individual carry bag and/or protective cover.

Cushions should be stored when not in use, if storing for longer periods of time, wash and store cover and insert separately.

Fabric should never be stored or stowed while wet; always ensure fabric is thoroughly dried before storing for extended periods.