2.8m Sundial+ Umbrella - Keyhole Valance - Forest Block
2.8m Sundial+ Umbrella - Keyhole Valance - Forest Block

2.8m Sundial+ Umbrella - Keyhole Valance - Forest Block

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The beauty of wood, performance of aluminium. 

Our Sundial umbrella is available in a new timber-look aluminium finish. Combined with our keyhole valance umbrella for a modern romantic finish.

Utilising durable, high performance Interpon technology, the scratch-resistant matte finish mirrors natural timber grain, picking up on both warm and cool tones to play nicely with a variety of canopy colours and exterior material finishes.

AkzoNobel’s Interpon finish comes with a 10year performance guarantee, and offers all the natural beauty and warmth of timber, without the weight density and regular maintenance requirements of natural wood.

Sundial+ is a commercially proven design and the perfect outdoor patio umbrella for all outdoor environments. 

Suitable for: residential, commercial and hospitality.

  • Sturdy aluminium centre post and frame
  • Timber-look, scratch resistant Interpon finish (10year warranty)
  • Low maintenance, lightweight & weather resistant frame
  • Marine grade stainless steel fixtures 
  • Anodised aluminium hub & runner 
  • European made, solution dyed acrylic fabric canopy (10year warranty)
  • Two-piece centre post for simple assembly and storage
  • Seamless rope-and-pin, double pulley mechanism
  • Removable canopies & replaceable parts of easy ongoing maintenance
  • A more sustainable choice: 100% recyclable, uses VOC free coatings and lead free finishes for a smaller environmental footprint

This umbrella provides all the fun and none of the responsibility! It’s timber, without the maintenance. Like you, we’re fans of a ‘low effort, high reward’ maintenance schedule wherever possible!

  • Canopy Diameter: 2.8m
  • Total Height: 2.6m
  • Total Weight (unboxed): 13kg
  • Open canopy clearance: 2m
  • Closed canopy clearance: 1-1.1m
  • Contact us for more information 
  • In Table: 14kg Standard Umbrella Base 
  • Freestanding, in a fixed location: 25kg Round Base
  • Freestanding, moveable: 30kg or 35kg Galvanised Bases 
  • To install your umbrella, lie the canopy half down horizontally on a stable surface. Take lower pole and either gently slide into the upper half of the umbrella, ensuring that the tubes line up. In case of any resistance, stop, and re-align.
  • Once assembled, place umbrella into the base.
  • DO NOT try to force the umbrella halves together in a vertical position. If a push button connection, simply line up and push together to connect.
  • Do not leave umbrella open when unattended and make sure it's closed in windy or adverse weather conditions.
  • Always secure your umbrella to an appropriate base. If using a mobile base, ensure enough weight is applied to the base eg. sand bags or weight bags (taking into account the weather conditions).
  • Make sure umbrella is dry and clean prior to storing away for extended periods of time to prevent mould from developing.
  • Be careful when closing the umbrella to ensure that the canopy does not get caught or pinched by the umbrella arms. This is particularly important before storing the umbrella away for extended periods of time or if the umbrella is to be laid horizontally for storage.
  • Damage to the fabric caused by pinching is not covered by warranty.
  • Inspect the installation fitting/base on a regular basis and tighten as necessary.
  • Use a protective cover when not in use to preserve the canopy.

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